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We were… almost… unstoppable.”  

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Wrath + Pride + Dragonflies 

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Maggie’s Garden.

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Anonymous inquired
Did I miss an update? It seems like everyone but me knows who the skeleton guy is.


'Skeleton guy'? You mean Pedri? His name indeed isn't mentioned in the newer updates but earlier on in the comic. Somewhat in the very beginning of Chapter 3 where Wrathia first introduces herself.

"I was one of the most powerful beings in the universe. As well as my husband, Pedri. “
( I’m using this quote since I’m too lazy to make a screencap of the panels. )

So, yeah that’s kind of how everyone knows. Here's a link to the archive though so you can find the panels easily. Except you meant someone else.

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                 n. pl. mem·o·ries

                      The mental faculty of retaining and recalling past experience.

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UPDATE || July 28th || 2014

Current readers, click * here * for the update!


You can track #avasdemonupdate for all the updates!

As always, reblogs really help people discover the comic! <3




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I took a break from art… with more art! I was itching to do an experimental portrait of Ava from the awesome webcomic, Ava’s Demon. I’ll definitely be supporting the comic when I have the means!

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