Ava’s Demon - Edits per chapter.   Chapter 3.

"I hope you enjoyed your brief existence. "

Ava’s Demon - Edits per chapter.   Chapter 2.

"I really can’t wait to watch you waste on some awful moon.. "

Ava’s Demon - Edits per chapter.   Chapter 1.

"Remember when we used to be friends?! Is this jogging your MEMORY!?


Ava’s Demon + almost any full body shot

Part 2 of ___


Ava Ire

Ava’s Demon starts updating twice a week soon! So excited! 


Sorry for not uploading anything in a while and sorry for being in 10000 fandoms. I think i like the colouring in PS more than SAI though


Finished commission for rainbowsqueeze, of the demon from her comic! Check it out! :> 

Can you make a transparent from panel 350?

There you go!

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Ava’s Demon iPod backgrounds.