Anonymous asked—
Tuls icons please !


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Part 2/4 Tuls&Maggie

Wrathia   +   Ava’s Mind


                                                 L I S T E N   

                                    Ava’s Demon - demonavas - Other Mixes ]



Pedri Nanezgani and Arrow Sisters as requested!


                 You already had your paradise.


whatcha you got there ava

Those are “Limbo Lenses”.

They let you peer into the plane between life and death.

snowyflame asked—
what patterns do you use in photoshop?

I don’t really remember to be honest I don’t often look up patterns. A friend of mine once linked me this pack and I have kind of always used it since. I do think you can find the pack easily by looking up ‘simple pattern’ on Google. It’ll mostly link you to Deviantart pages where I usually find my stuff, something tells me the patterns I use might be there too.

"I wanted a DIFFERENT life! “

Edit I made for the tutorial that you can find  H E R E .
I        just        hope        it’s         anything         useful.